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Our Approach

At ScuolaScuola, learning and doing go hand in hand: you will learn Italian by performing real-life, communicative tasks, just as if you were visiting or living in Italy. Instead of simply learning Italian, you will learn how to do things in Italian.

We will teach you how to use Italian so you can perform the activities that you want to perform, whether it is buying a train ticket, talking to a relative, ordering food in a restaurant, or doing some fine Made in Italy shopping. You will learn how to communicate in Italian. You will be presented with a variety of real-life, meaningful situations and materials, and you will learn how to get your message across.

Italian Language Instructors and Curriculum Developers

Come to our downtown Toronto locations!

🎯All our staff is fully vaccinated

🎯Masking is mandatory when in the building

🎯Proof of vaccination is required 

🎯Passive screening is required

🎯 Max 6 participants

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