Past tenses

Past Tenses

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Thu Nov 18th 2021 6:30pm-8:30pm ET

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Past tenses

In this workshop we investigate the different ways of expressing past time in Italian. English uses three principal forms of the past, the Simple Past, the Present Perfect and the Past perfect, all of these forms can also be used with a progressive aspect. And guess what?! Italian is not that different in terms of variety of ways to talk about things that started and ended in the past and things that started in the past and continue to the present. Passato prossimo and Imperfetto are the most commonly used tenses in conversational Italian, together with Trapassato prossimo that is equivalent to the Past perfect. We also enjoy using them with a progressive aspect. The questions that we'll be trying to answer is 'why?' 'when?' and 'how do they combine?', and we'll have you practice with so many situations that you will be eager to share everything with us about your past!

Which tense are we using

Why is it being used
‘Ieri ho fatto lezione fino alle 20:30'.    To refer to an event that started and ended  in the past
'Oggi mi sono alzata, mi sono vestita, ho fatto colazione e sono uscita’.          To refer to a series of events that started and ended in the past
‘Mentre andavo a prendere l’autobus, ho incontrato Giovanna’ To refer to what happened while another action was being continued 
‘Quando ero piccola, andavo sempre in vacanza sulle Dolomiti’ To refer to what used to happen in a distant past and doesn't happen anymore
‘Ieri sera alle 9:30 dormivo To describe a continuous action at a specific moment in the past
‘Quando sei arrivato, non avevo ancora finito i compiti' To refer to what was going on in the past up until another action in the past happened
‘Mentre io lavavo i piatti, mio figlio guardava la TV ’ To refer to two continuous actions happening at the same time in the past

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