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Do you want to learn Italian as you dive into the wonderful culture that is Italy?
ScuolaScuola has affordable and enjoyable classes for all levels of students.



Learn and explore the basics of the Italian language. If you know minimal or no Italian, these courses will provide you with the tools and foundation to start your journey. Pick the one that suits your level.



You know the basics of Italian knowledge, but you might lack the ability to engage in animated conversation. Our intermediate courses will help you use your knowledge and apply it to real conversational situations.



Our advanced courses are perfect for near-fluent speakers who may struggle with aspects such as language production or sentence structure or speakers who need refreshing or practice with native Italian speakers.



Set your goals and the pace to achieve them working alongside one of our instructors to create a learning plan built for your specific needs and that fits your schedule. Come alone or bring a friend along for a personalized experience.
Welcome to ScuolaScuola!

Private Classes

Work alongside one of our excellent instructors with a perfectly tailored personalized lesson plan that fits your learning style and busy schedule. Whatever your goals are, our mission is to help you achieve them. Private lessons are offered in packages of 5 or 10 sessions. We normally recommend meeting once a week for an hour, but based on your availability and personal preference, you can decide to meet more often or for longer sessions. As for Semi-private lessons, bring your friends with you up to a maximum of 3 participants and we'll guarantee that you'll have a blast with us.

Welcome to ScuolaScuola!

Group Classes

Learn with and from your peers in a fun and collaborative learning environment with 8 sessions of hands-on learning curated by our expert instructors. Working in groups allows for plenty of practice with participants encouraging each other to improve their skills and to get over with the initial embarrassment of speaking a new language. Classes are capped at 6 students to ensure every student gets the attention they need. Having a small group allows our excellent instructors to tailor lesson plans that fit your level and personal interests. Whatever your difference in goals are, our mission is to help you achieve them all.


Idioms, tongue-twisters, visual dictionaries, short dialogues and verbs conjugations are only a few of our signature contents that we alternate with the latest from Italy in pictures, news, photos and video.