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Learn as a child, read as an adult with La Pimpa, Italy's iconic children character by Altan.
Expand your vocabulary, review your grammar and learn new narrative tenses and colloquial expressions while reading selected issues of La Pimpa comic strip.

Who's la Pimpa?

La Pimpa is an Italian comic stip whose main character is a female puppy with red polka dots created by Italian comic artist and satirical writer Francesco Tullio Altan. The comic strip was published by the comics magazine Corriere dei Piccoli from 1975 until 1995; from 1987 it also became the leading character of an eponymous monthly children’s magazine.
Pimpa’s stories are among the first things Italians read in their language and – since they are primarily addressed to children – dialogues are short and simple, the language is within everyone’s reach, without complicated slang or puns, and also the grammar used is very accessible. Even though she is a puppy, La Pimpa behaves as a little girl living in a world without adults, with the exception of Armando, father figure to which she recounts her adventures when the evening comes home, which represents an important and reassuring figure, He does not give orders, but knows how to listen. La Pimpa travels all around Italy visiting iconic cities and monuments, and meeting the greatest historic figure our culture like Dante Alighieri in Florence and Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan.

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